Your City, Your Club / Cork City FC X FARE Network

October 13, 2015 · Commercial

Director: Shane Twomey
DOP: Shane Twomey
Assistant Camera: Donnacha O’Brien
Production Assistant: Donnacha O’Brien
Match Night Footage By: Kevin Mulcahy
Music: “Inspiration”
Editor: Shane Twomey
Cast: Emeka Ikebuasi || Vincent Van Holt || Seán O’ Conaill || Chris Wolny || Victor Gomez Muniz || Carolin Taenzer || Chiara Cucinotta || Jee Eun Lee
Special Thanks: Dave Alton || Éanna Buckley || Eddie Rodgers || Hannah Whelan || Ann Twomey

A series of promotional images for taken during the shoot.
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