Six Feet

August 05, 2014 · Short Film ·  Released: August 2014

“Six Feet” is not yet available for online viewing as it is still doing the festival circuit. If you wish to see it, feel free to contact us.

Walking alone through a nocturnal city, a woman becomes prey to a deviant male.

Jennifer Lipinksi: Woman
Joe Lyons: Man
Laura Gallen: Discreet Girl
David Barnwall McGuire: Discreet Boy

Producer: Mike O’Dowd
Director: Shane Twomey
DOP: Shane Twomey
Assistant DOP: Donnacha O’Brien
Sound:  Bryan Lynch || Kevin Mulcahy
Art Director: Kevin Mulcahy
Production Assistant: Emma O’Mahony
Casting: Mike O’Dowd
Music: Kevin McLeod :
Original Story:  Hannah Whelan
Editor: Shane Twomey

A series of promotional images for Six Feet. Click on a thumbnail to open up a slideshow gallery. You can also click on the album title to link you to the flickr page.

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  • Six Feet (2014)
  • Six Feet (2014)
  • Six Feet (2014)
  • Six Feet (2014)
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  • Six Feet (2014)
  • Six Feet (2014)

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