No Sozopol – Claustrophobia

April 01, 2012 · Music Video ·  Released: April 2012

A young man struggles to comprehend the mysteries of the universe, and finds his mental state compromised by his constant musings over the origins of life. Torn between science and religion, he breaks from his studies to solve a rubik’s cube, which acts as a microcosm to his mental anguish.


Produced and Directed by: Shane Twomey and Ger Browne
Director of Photography: Shane Twomey and Ger Browne
Music: Sweet Stasis and No Sozopol
Location Provided by: Donnacha O Brien
Props by: Aisling Twomey and Hannah Whelan
Edited by: Shane Twomey

Starring: Joe Lyons


Written and Performed by: No Sozopol
Produced by: Sweet Stasis

Promotional Images during the course of the shoot for Claustrophobia.
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