April 21, 2012 · Short Film ·  Released: April 2012

Louise Kavanagh is sitting in a coffee shop alone, awaiting the arrival of her boyfriend. As she grows increasingly anxious, she decides to call him. Little does she know that this action will set in motion a series of phonecalls, which will expose a web of crime and deceit – interwoven between the lives of seemingly ordinary everyday people. Oblivious to the illicit dealings of her loved ones, she presses the call button. Calling depicts the destruction and demise of a modern family and their surrounding relationships, through a mixture of bad luck and bad timing, on top of bad life choices.

Clara Harte: Louise Kavanagh (Girl)
Conor Alcock: Ryan Larkin (Boyfriend)
George Hanover: Jennifer Kelly (Lover)
Martin Lucey: Ed Murphy (Bank Manager)
Paula McGlinchey: Susan Kavanagh (Client)
Erik Hegarty: Nathan Wolfe (Crimelord)
CiarĂ¡n Ruby: Associate (Mr. Black)

Written and Directed by: Shane Twomey
Produced by:
Ger Browne
Director of Photography:
Shane Twomey
Bryan Lynch
Donnacha O Brien
Sweet Stasis
Edited by:
Shane Twomey

Props by: Hannah Whelan

Special Thanks:

Graham Hickey
Brian Murphy and Family
Jim O’ Leary of Ballincollig Shopping Centre
Phil Verling and John McNamara of Nosh and Coffee, Ballincollig
Zuzana Lukacova of Clarion Hotel, Cork City
Marie Hickey and Deirdre McNamara of Cork Branch of Credit Unions
Ann-Marie Coleman and Abeania Higgins of HSG Zander c/o Cork School of Music


A series of promotional images for Calling, taken during 03.03.2012 and 04.03.2012.
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